Money Transfer Providers – The Easiest Way to Compare

A number of companies today offer consumers an easy way to compare money transfer providers and methods for sending money overseas. Often, this is the best way to compare your options and find a transfer service that meets your needs. These companies offer businesses and individuals a range of choices for the best and most efficient way to transfer money internationally, by researching lower-cost and higher-service alternatives to the typical bank. They do this by comparing a selection of the best providers from around the world and then vetting them to ensure that they offer the best products and rates, provide security of funds, and adhere to all regulations and relevant money transfer laws.

Websites that compare transfer providers look at a variety of metrics to determine the trustworthiness of money transfer providers. These metrics include analyzing whether the transfer service:

  • Meets all relevant regulatory requirements (e.g. FCA in the UK or FinCEN in the US)
  • Provides a safe, transparent transaction environment
  • Maintains a high level of customer service
  • Offers the best prices and low- or no-fee options
  • Provides local market services

To help you compare all the options available, the following list summarizes the different ways to send money overseas that are available today:

  • Foreign Exchange Providers (FX Brokers or Money Transfer Providers)
  • Money Transfer Operators (MTOs)
  • Online Money Transfer Service Companies
  • Peer-to-Peer Money Transfer Providers
  • Prepaid Money Cards
  • Traditional Banks

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