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Welcome to Valsen!

Valsen Fiduciaries is a premier utility token research and blockchain advisory firm. Our team members are seasoned and highly accomplished professionals with proven track records and long-time demonstrated success within a wide range of business and industries. We apply this same business execution, expertise, and acumen to the cryptocurrency space.

Our Focus

We focus on delivering business solutions to diverse clientele ranging from Multinational Corporates, HNWIs, Fund Operators, Professional Firms and Private Clients.

Under the impetus of a growing international clientele, we have expanded our offering from corporate and fund administration to a wider spectrum of services linked to technology, outsourcing, private wealth management and corporate finance advisory amongst others.

We are part of a global network of fiduciary and corporate service providers and have a presence in many jurisdictions through our international network of partners.

Our Clientele


  • ExpatriatesAs an expatriate you are primarily concerned about ensuring the security of your income and assets, and the structuring of your finances for maximum tax efficiency.
  • High Net Worth IndividualsWhile wealth offers access to many forms of investment such as property, yacht ownership and aircraft ownership, it also provides unique challenges. The biggest challenge indeed is protecting and keeping that wealth!
  • EntrepreneursThe world’s economies are driven by entrepreneurs. These are the pioneers and risk-takers who develop innovations, implement new strategies, create job opportunities, grow wealth, and makes the world economy to be more vibrant.
  • Small to medium sized enterprises and entrepreneursIf your company is an SME or OMB, Valsen will assist your business thereby ensuring that your business is structured to enhance development and growth while you focus on the core activities.
  • Multi-national Corporations & Large EnterprisesTo develop a business model with high efficiency and effectiveness, the decision making is affected by several factors. We understand the needs of global businesses and ensure that the assets of the company/group are preserved while maximising profits.
  • Professional IntermediariesIntermediaries work with Valsen because they seek specialist knowledge of a jurisdiction, or a flexible and preferred corporate or trust services provider.


Valsen Group is a leading international provider of corporate management and advisory services.

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