Intellectual Property management is wrought with administrative burden that can place pressure and create risky bottlenecks within an organization. By partnering with our IP Administration team, we become an extension of your team, allowing you to reallocate your internal resources, create bandwidth and focus on the more substantive projects and tasks.

As a specialist Intellectual Property firm, Valsen offers a full range of Intellectual Property Services. Our experienced team identifies which services fit with your requirements, executing their work with the highest degree of professionalism and putting the needs of you and your business first every time.

Our Services

We advise clients, from SMEs to large multinationals globally, on strategically protecting their brands and enforcing their rights. Working across a broad spectrum of sectors, we are able to offer tailored advice to the specific needs of each client, no matter what their situation. We are experts in securing the most effective patent protection for their clients internationally regardless of their size or industry.

We cover several jurisdictions across the world offering a one stop shop for IP registration and Management. Our IP Services include:

  • Providing IP register ability advice along with infringement opinions
  • Conducting IP searches to determine the availability of IPs internationally
  • Preparing, filing and managing International and Madrid Propotocal IP applications
  • Responding to objections raised by IP Examiner’s upon examination of IP applications internationally
  • Facilitating the renewal and maintenance of IPs
  • Researching and providing advice on the validity of registered trademarks for non-use/removal purposes
  • Management of client IP portfolios
  • Intellectual Property audits, advising you of appropriate screening protocols for your registrable trademarks and infringement risk management.

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