Prior to the introduction of the new Law on 1st October 2000, the only way in which protection could be obtained was by the extension of a United Kingdom national registration. However, with the introduction of the new Law this situation changed.

Trade mark protection can now be secured in three different ways:

United Kingdom national registrations can still be extended to Jersey. Such extension is not automatic and proprietors must continue to apply for registration in this jurisdiction.

The only document we require is a certified copy of the corresponding national United Kingdom registration issued by the U.K. Patent Office which we can obtain if you wish.

Duration of Registration:

The duration of a local registration is dependent upon that of the United Kingdom registration upon which it is based. The effective or base date is the date of filing in the U.K. and renewal falls due on the same date as in the United Kingdom.

Delay in Issue of Certificate:

Official certificates are currently issued within two weeks of the date of application.

Community Trade Marks:

The new law provides that all Community Trade Marks automatically extend to Jersey regardless of the date of registration. There is no need for owners of such registrations to take any action whatsoever in Jersey.


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