At Valsen Fiduciaries, we offer tailored solutions for entities seeking to undertake an ICO. These include:

  1. ICO Legal Services
    To further the success potential of any ICO, a legal undertaking is necessary to ensure strict compliance with set rules as well as to identify favorable legal conditions that the ICO can be built upon.
  2. ICO Technical Services
    Valsen Fiduciaries has an in-house team of experts that will guide you on all the technological and technical requirements that need to be met in order to ensure that your ICO is successful. Our technical experts are also in charge of implementing the technology required.
  3. ICO Marketing Services
    Our Marketing Team is always on the ready to guide you along the way as you plan out your ICO marketing strategy. Valsen Fiduciaries offers expert marketing advice and uses the latest marketing techniques to ensure you successfully deliver your ICO.
  4. ICO Financial Services
    We offer a range of financial services aimed at offering expert financial advice and management services to clients who are keen of floating an ICO. These services include; Escrow Services, Wallet Management, ICO Financial Reporting and Auditing as well as Fund Management Services.
  5. ICO Advisory Services
    At Valsen Fiduciaries, clients intending to float an ICO have access to our advisory services that include; ICO Screening, ICO Benchmarking, ICO Investors Networking, ICO Investor Relationship Management, and ICO Roadshow Advisory Services.

For detailed information on our ICO Service offering, click on the links under ICO Services.


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