Valsen Fiduciaries is a globally recognised advisory and consulting firm. Our wide range of services includes fiduciary, banking and investment, immigration, corporate secretarial, support, and more. For an ICO to operate legally, the entity involved must be registered. Our team of experts handles all the paperwork and procedures regarding the registration in a strictly professional way. We also ensure to protect our clients from money-laundering schemes. 

At Valsen Fiduciaries, we offer a range of legal services tailored to meet the specific needs of clients seeking to float an ICO. With the success of the ICO at the core, we always ensure that the often stringent legal requirements are easily met by ensuring we handle the bulk of the work making compliance easy and fast.

Our ICO Legal Services include:

  1. ICO Legal, Compliance and Regulatory Service
  2. ICO AML/KYC Support
  3. ICO Jurisdiction Analysis
  4. ICO White Paper Creation and Auditing
  5. ICO Token Agreement, Privacy Policy, ToS Drafting
  6. ICO Fund Liquidation and Distribution
  7. ICO Token and Legal Management
  8. ICO Board Guidance and Corporate Governance

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