ICO Jurisdiction Analysis

The world and governments in particular are still playing catch up when it comes to understanding ICOs. Each country is approaching how to regulate ICOs differently. While some are taking a liberal approach to them, others are starting to curtail ICOs or banned them entirely. We know and understand the current ICO regulatory landscape, and are prepared for when it inevitably starts to shift. Where you and how you launch your ICO is key. At Valsen Fiduciaries, we can help you get there.

Legal framework for an ICO

Each country views ICOs differently and has a legal system to grapple with when looking at launching one. This requires understanding the law, the bureaucracy, and just about everything in between. And while understanding these areas are important, launching your company is your primary focus and should take most of your attention. We can help handle the rest, letting you know which legal frameworks are best suited for your ICO and what countries are actively courting ICOs and attracting large amounts of capital.

At Valsen Fiduciaries, we assist in analyzing the best jurisdictions for setting up your ICO/blockchain project.


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