As organizations expand and grow, they rely on branch of­fices to either gain a foothold in new markets or better serve their customers in local markets. The branch of­fices such as – bank branches, retail stores, sales and service centers, car dealerships, insurance agencies or hospital branches – represent the face of the organization to end customers. Consequently, it is crucial for organizations to provide a smooth ‑ow of work and a uniform experience every time the customer interacts with the branch.

Most organizations also employ remote workers to retain talent, save on operating costs, or to maintain a local presence. To be productive, these remote users need reliable access to the applications on the corporate IT network. In many companies the existing traditional solutions are no longer able to satisfy the evolving and growing needs of these remote users. In addition, branch IT networks are becoming too complex to manage and too expensive to maintain.

Organizations need a simplifi­ed, centrally managed remote offi­ce solution that is easy to implement while providing reliable and secure access at low costs.

Being established in the market you want to enter, Branch Office can provide you with immediate local presence and a range of other benefits, including:

  • Reduced time to market through a set of sales outsourcing solutions.
  • Knowledge of local culture and business environment.
  • Increased productivity through a strong focus on sales and marketing.
  • Low startup costs and the flexibility needed to rapidly evolve your sales and market strategy.
  • Access to several markets at the same time.

Our Services

At Valsen we have access to a local networks which is continuously strengthened within each Branch office. This network enables us to work with companies from different industry sectors, covering a variety of services such as:

  • Company establishment.
  • Building partnerships with customers and partners within the value chain.
  • Door openers within the industry and local authorities.
  • Advisors in accessing grants and other financial benefits.

Our working model includes close cooperation with our clients and we build our reporting system according to our client’s requirements.

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