ICO Board Guidance and Corporate Governance

Your board of directors can either make or break your ICO. Leveraging our ICO experience, Valsen Fiduciaries can guide decision-making for board members in order to give your ICO the right placement in the market and further building consumer trust.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance refers to the structures and processes in place to direct and control companies, including relationships between stakeholders, oversight and supervision of the company, the rights of investors, risk mitigation and ethical behaviour. It is intended to increase the company’s accountability and transparency, to mitigate the risks of disasters to the company and to clearly define a company’s decision making process. Frequently, corporate governance also seeks some balance between founders, investors and the wider applicable community.

The majority of today’s ICOs are corporations. Corporations are governed by the board of directors who are elected by the majority of the shareholders. For investors who purchase tokens in an ICO, it is clear the token holders are not shareholders even if the tokens are given voting rights on how to operate the company’s service their tokens have pre-purchased.


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