ICO White Paper Creation and Auditing

Your White Paper is your best marketing tool. Most contributors will pursue your ICO based on the clarity and excellence of this document. At Valsen Fiduciaries, we produce a clear and concise White Paper that contains all the important technical and legal information. We also offer full translation services into all languages in order help you reach your target audience.


White Paper Auditing

We audit existing whitepapers and help teams publish new ones. After Valsen Fiduciaries validates the originality of a project’s whitepaper, the whitepaper receives a certification stamp and site widget for authenticity stating “Plagiarism-Free.” Our team of blockchain and cryptocurrency specialists also carefully reviews the conceptual content of a whitepaper versus competitors. Should we find any potentially questionable content, we offer suggested modifications for keeping your project free of plagiarism charges. A unique whitepaper, with certified original content, informs potential supporters that a blockchain project is legitimate, high-value, and worth considering for an investment.

Valsen Fiduciaries white paper auditing services include:

  1. Certified Grammar and Content Editing

This detailed process ensures your project’s whitepaper meets technical writing standards.

  1. Technical Editing

Experienced technical writers confirm your whitepaper’s technical details, concepts, nomenclature, and references are correct and intelligible for tech-savvy blockchain enthusiasts and potential supporters.

  1. Diagram And Image Consulting

Eye-catching diagrams add value to your whitepaper, separating it from the pack while communicating complex ideas clearly. The more accessible and interesting a project’s whitepaper is, the more likely it is to gain attention.

  1. Plagiarism Checking

Beyond simply a copy check, Valsen Fiduciaries’ experts identify conceptual similarities to other blockchain whitepapers that might be construed as inadvertent imitation. Imitation devalues a whitepaper, while authenticity adds significant value.

  1. Compliance Auditing

Every word, claim, image, reference, and declaration within a whitepaper can lead to regulatory challenges. Valsen Fiduciaries’ team of multi-disciplinary consultants, including software developers, legal experts, marketers, and technical writers will assist your team with clearing regulatory hurdles while minimizing liability exposure.


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