Monaco Trademark Registration

A trademark is a sign to distinguish a product or a service from the products or services of another manufacturer, supplier, or provider on a market. A trademark gives the owner of the trademark the right to exclude others from unlawfully using his trademark. The function of trademarks is to give consumers orientation among the variety of products and services that are offered. This minimizes their transaction costs, i.e. the costs to search and to obtain information about the quality of a service or product. A consumer who has gained good experience with a trademark will tend to buy similar products or services that are labelled with the same sign.


Monaco Trade Mark Registration Key Features

  1. The power of attorney has to be signed by the applicant. In the event the applicant is a company, an authorized representative has to sign on behalf of the company.
  2. Please note that the Monegasque Law requires that the signer puts above or left to his signature in his own handwriting either the words “good for proxy”.
  3. Manioc Law does not require legalization nor notarization of the power of attorney.
  4. The correctly signed power of attorney has to be sent as an original either by mail or courier. No fax or pdf will be accepted.


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