Palau Intellectual Property Registration

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Intellectual Property Rights

Palau is not a member of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the WTO, or any other organization or convention protecting intellectual property rights. Pirated DVDs imported from off-island are readily available. Palauan copyright law explicitly covers materials in which:

  1. One or more of the authors is or was on the date of first publication a national or resident of the United Nations Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, Palau District, or the Republic of Palau;
  2. The work is or was initially published in the Republic of Palau;
  3. The work is or was initially published in another country and also published in the Republic of Palau within 30 days thereafter, irrespective of the nationality or residence of the author;
  4. The work is an audiovisual work, the author of which is a resident of Palau; or
  5. The work is an architectural work erected in the Republic of Palau or is an artistic work incorporated into a building or other structure located in Palau.

Any copyright owner who is the bona fide owner of a copyright or the owner of a transferred copyright shall be subject to the same protections provided above, provided he or she registers the work or works with the Office of the Attorney General and pays the requisite fee. The Attorney General shall charge a fee of USD 200.00 per work registered, or USD 2,000.00 for ten or more works registered to the same owner. For persons or businesses registering 10 or more works, additional works may be added at no charge during the same calendar year.


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