A Panama Trademark for services or products is available by applying to the Panama government.   Protection of the business logo and trade name is included.

Panama Trademark Process

  1. Choose a unique, uncommon mark or design.
  2. Perform an Industrial Property Registry search to see that are no similar designs or marks in the registry.
  3. File the application which will provide 10 years of protection of the Panama trade name and Panama trademark.
  4. File an application renewal at least one year before expiration.  Renewals can be filed every 9 years indefinitely.

Licensing: Registered Panama trade names and Panama trademarks can be licensed to third parties.  If the original license allows, sublicenses can be granted.

Panama Copyright Registration

As soon as an intellectual work is created Panama copyright protection will occur immediately.

Panama Copyright protects works of art, photographs, computer programs, audiovisual, educational or scientific works, architectural renderings, literary works, folklore and websites.

Copyright authors are considered to be the original writer or creator.   Panama’s Ministry of Education permits copyrights remaining in effect during the creator’s lifetime plus 50 years.   Written commercial rights for all copyrighted work can be allowed to third parties.


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