Maldives is one of the very few countries to sway the hearts of many by sheltering a compendium of unique resources and picturesque handicrafts. Though the country is home to rare talents such as its intricate embroidery and coir making, and other traditional and creative works, the extent of protection that it grants for intellectual property is not very formalized. At present, there are no specific laws governing trademarks, copyrights, patents and geographical locations in the country though steps are being taken to bolster the protection granted.

Maldives Trademark Registration Law

Maldives does not have any specific IP law or Office therefore IP Protection is by way of publication of cautionary notice under common laws of “passing off”. In absence of specific IP law for registration of trademark in Maldives, neither a registry nor any data base is maintained for Trademark published under cautionary notice. Therefore, Trademark Search is not possible in Maldives.

Protection of Trademark in Maldives

Maldives does not have any specific IP law or Office for Trademark Registration therefore Trademarks protection is there by way of publication of cautionary notice in newspapers. The Publication amounts to notice to public at large that the mark belongs to the proprietor. It also puts onus on any prior user of said mark in Maldives to report if they are the first user of the mark.

Publication of Trademark Caution Notice in Maldives

The trademark cautionary notice should be published in English as well as Dhivehi (regional language). It is possible to publish/ include more than one mark/ class in one single trademark cautionary notice belonging to same proprietor.

Information required for Publication of Trademark caution notice in Maldives

  1. Name, address, status and Nationality of Proprietor
  2. Specimen of Trade mark
  3. International class
  4. Description of Goods or Services (if any specific description is required)


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