Trade marks registered under The Trade Marks Act (1887) or extended by way of the Registration of United Kingdom Trade Marks Act (1946) are valid up to their expiry date or 10 years from the entry into force of The Trade Marks Act (2003), whichever period ends first. On renewal all marks will be reclassified under the International Classification (entry into force date 17 July 2007).

A trade mark can be registered in Antigua & Barbuda pursuant to The Trade Marks Act (2003) which provides for local trade mark applications dating from receipt of the application. The following information and documentation is required: Name of the trade mark, ne copy of the mark (unless mark is word only), class and specification of goods and/or services, applicant’s name and address, statement of Application and Declaration of Intent-to-Use notarized, power of Attorney (proprietor’s seal or notarized), certified copy of priority document (if priority is claimed) It usually takes about 12 months for the Registrar’s Office to process an application for registration. Paris Convention priority can be claimed. Once the registration is complete the Registrar’s Office will issue a Certificate of Registration.

Antigua and Barbuda Trade Mark Registration Key Features

  1. The International Classification system is used. Multi-class applications are allowed.
  2. In order to conduct a search the only documentation required is the name of the trade mark and one copy of the mark (unless mark is word only).
  3. The result can usually be provided within three weeks.
  4. A trade mark registration is valid for 10 years after which it can be renewed for like periods.
  5. The application for renewal should be filed prior to the expiration date of the registration.
  6. It usually takes 12 months or less for the Registrar’s Office to process an application for renewal.

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