The limited partnership (LP) is a variation of the more commonplace general partnership and combines some of the most useful attributes of a partnership (such as the ease of raising capital) with those of a corporation (such as limited liability for limited partners).

Anguilla LP Key Features

  1. LPs in Anguilla are governed by the Limited Partnership Ordinance, 1994 (the Ordinance).
  2. A LP may be formed in Anguilla for any lawful purpose to be carried out and undertaken either in or from within Anguilla or elsewhere upon the terms, with the rights and powers and subject to the conditions, limitations, restrictions and liabilities stated in the Ordinance and as provided in the partnership agreement.
  3. The Ordinance provides an attractive investment vehicle, particularly for the raising of venture capital as it permits the limited partners to be insulated from liability.
  4. Every LP must have a registered office situate in Anguilla for the service of process and to which all notices and communications may be addressed.

Anguilla LP Legal Requirements

Anguilla LP

Corporate Details


  • Type of Entity

Limited Partnership (LP)

  • Registered Office in Anguilla


Share capital or equivalent

  • Minimum paid up

No minimum

  • Usual authorized

USD $50,000

Directors | Officers | Partners

  • Minimum number


  • Local required

Yes (1 general partner/director)

  • Publicly accessible records

Yes (although limited partner details are confidential)

  • Location of meetings


  • Corporate directorship allowed


Company Secretary

  • Required


  • Local or qualified



  • Requirements to prepare


  • Audit requirements


  • Requirements to file accounts


  • Publicly accessible accounts


Anguilla LP Tax Treatment

An Anguillan LP Shall not be subject to any income tax, withholding tax, or other taxes based upon or measured by assets or income originating outside of Anguilla or in connection with other activities outside of Anguilla

Anguilla LP Duration of Set up

Around 2 Weeks

Distinctive Benefits of the Anguillan LP

  • Anguillan LP Shall not be subject to any income tax
  • Anguillan LP Shall not be subject to any withholding tax
  • Anguilla has Favorable compliance restrictions
  • Anguilla has a Friendly regulatory environment

The Valsen Advantage

  1. End to end comprehensive service
  2. Speedy and efficient service
  3. Expert advice on structuring options
  4. Dedicated ongoing compliance support
  5. Extensive network pool of service providers


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