Considering Articles 2 and 5 of the Vessel Act, the owner of a sail, motor or fishing boat that belongs in Aruba, must ensure that their vessels are registered in the Local Vessel Register. The Local Vessel Register is administered on behalf of the Minister in charge of Transportation through the offices of the Directorate of Shipping Aruba.

Legal requirements for Aruba Ship Registration

  • Registration of the vessel takes place by means of a declaration / statement and such form can be obtained at the Directorate of Shipping Aruba.
  • You must submit the completed Registration Form at the Directorate of Shipping Aruba.
  • A recent color photograph of the vessel you wish to register is required.
  • Please note that when a vessel is bought a deed, it must be signed by both buyer and seller and dated accordingly and subsequently submitted. Also note that in any transfer case, a document signed by both parties as evidence of transfer of the vessel, is required to be submitted.
  • Waiting time: 3 days
  • Cost: N/A 

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