Electronic payment systems are becoming central to online business process innovation, as companies look for ways to serve customers faster and at lower costs. E-payments are proliferating industries such as banking, retail, healthcare, online markets and Governments.

The Valsen Financial Services and Advisory team has extensive experience in consulting existing or new E-Money and Payment Institutions considering obtaining licenses or strengthening their compliance regimes across the world. Our comprehensive (one-stop-shop) package includes among others the following services:

  • Structuring Advisory Services
  • Regulatory Advisory Services
  • Licensing
  • Corporate Services
  • Accounting, Audit (Internal & External) & Risk Management Support
  • Recruitment, Employment & Immigration
  • Post-licensing Support

We cover licensing and compliance support across several jurisdictions; onshore, offshore and UCITS compliant jurisdictions.

Contact us to discuss your licensing requirements and constraints, we will be happy to provide you expert advice.

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