Blockchain Token Vetting

An ICO or “Initial Coin Offering” is a new means of crowdfunding in which a project or company (an “Offering Company”) offers digital coins (or ‘tokens’) in exchange for an investment of Fiat currency (e.g. US Dollars) or cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The value of a coin (or ‘token’) being offered is determined largely by the representations made at the time of the sale. Most Offering Companies conducting an ICO will provide a whitepaper and other information which describes the purpose of the token, the number of tokens being sold, and what functions if any will be served by the token.

Blockchain Token Vetting Process

A six-step vetting mechanism that filters 97% of the ICOs out there is the first pillar on which the Valsen Fiduciaries aftermarket relies on. Some of the most prominent business people and investors in the world will evaluate ICO projects to select a handful of promising projects. Once the vetting process is over, these ICOs will move through the Valsen Fiduciaries ecosystem, in which they will find:

  1. A pool of users that have gone through a KYC process that can buy their tokens and help jump-start their projects.
  2. Investment from Valsen Fiduciaries at an early stage. Valsen Fiduciaries will buy vetted tokens to sell to its user base on the Valsen Fiduciaries aftermarket at a preferential rate.
  • The seal of approval that getting investment from leading business people and investors bestows upon a project

The Benefits of the Valsen Fiduciaries Token Vetting

  1. Users and ICOs will benefit from the deployment of the platform, the token and the vetting mechanism. Valsen Fiduciaries will create a win-win situation for everyone involved, by delivering on the following:
  2. Funding for vetted ICOs to get their projects started.
  • Access to an ever-growing pool of users that have gone through the KYC process, which will become the client base for vetted ICOs.
  1. Tokens from ICO projects that have the highest chance of succeeding.
  2. Guaranteed access to tokens that would otherwise not be available in the open market.
  3. A decentralized system that allows users to keep their funds on their own wallets, which keeps hackers away from the platform.


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