Restricted Tender for Provision of Tripwire System License Renewal, Support and Maintenance to the Central Bank of Kenya for a Period of Three Years

The Central Bank of Kenya is inviting sealed tenders from eligible service providers for the provision of Tripwire System license renewal, support, and maintenance to the central bank of Kenya for a period of three years.

The lowest evaluated bid will be recommended for the award of the tender to support the bank in system license renewal, support, and maintenance for tripwire cybersecurity.

A complete set of tender documents containing all the detailed information can be obtained from the Central Bank of Kenya, Head Office, along Haile Selassie Avenue, General Services Department on the 5th Floor upon a payment of a Non-refundable fee of KShs. 1,000 in cash or Bankers Cheque payable to Central Bank of Kenya or downloaded from the PPIP website or the Central Bank of Kenya website for FREE. Bidders who download the tender document are advised to sign a tender register at Procurement Division on the 5th Floor CBK building or email their contact address using the email [email protected] before the tender closing date.


  • This tender invitation is limited to ICT Companies providing TRIPWIRE SYSTEM LICENSE RENEWAL, SUPPORT AND MAINTENANCE.
  • The prices quoted must be net inclusive of all taxes, must be in Kenya Shillings and must remain valid for 120 days for the closing date of the tender.
  • The completed Tender Documents in plain sealed envelopes marked with the tender number and title must be deposited in the Green Tender Box No. 3 located at the main entrance to the CBK Building along Haile Selassie Avenue, Nairobi, before the 23rd July 2021.
  • Only one ‘ORIGINAL’ tender document must be submitted.
  • Accepted tender proposals will be opened in the presence of the candidates or their representatives who decide to attend the opening at the MICR Conference Room on the Mezzanine floor of the CBK Building.
  • The tender sum as submitted and read out during the tender opening will be absolute and final and will not be subject to any correction, adjustment, or amendment in any way.
  • The successful bidder will be required to provide a performance bond of 5% of the contract sum in the form provided in the approved tender document.

Tenders Evaluation Criteria

Accepted tenders will go through 4 stages of evaluation to determine the best offer. Failing to meet the criteria of any stage will automatically disqualify bidders.

Stage 1: Compliance with Mandatory Requirements

Mandatory Requirements

  • Bidders must provide documentary evidence (Copy) of the company’s Certificate of Incorporation or Business Registration Certificate (Legal Structure).
  • Bidders must provide a valid copy of the company’s current and valid Certificate of Tax Compliance issued by Kenta Revenue Authority (KRA).
  • Tenders must be accompanied by a Security Tender of KShs. 50,000.00, valid for 150 days. Tenders without the Tender Security will be automatically rejected.
  • Bidders must provide an authorization of letter from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)-Tripwire.
  • Bidders must provide a copy of duly signed audited accounts for the company for the last one accounting year (2019).
  • Bidders must submit a completed Company’s profile using the Confidential Business Questionnaire Form as provided in the tender.

Any bid that does not meet ALL of the above requirements will be automatically disqualified.

Stage 2: Compliance with the Technical Requirements, Terms of References, Services, etc.

Bids complying with all the Technical requirements, Terms of references, services etc. captured in section VI of the tender document will progress to Stage 3, that is, Evaluation on Technical Capacity to deliver the contract.

Stage 3: Technical Evaluation on Capacity to deliver the contract.

At this stage, the bids will be subjected to a technical evaluation on their capacity to deliver the service as detailed in the technical parameters shown in the Table on page 20 of the tender document. The Technical parameters carry a total weight of 100% and a bidder will be required to get a minimum score of 75% and above to qualify for the Stage 4 evaluation on the financial capacity to deliver the contract.

Stage 4: Financial Evaluation

This stage will involve checking for completeness of the pricing schedule and arithmetic errors. This process will ensure that totals of the respective pricing schedules for each bid qualifying for this stage are correctly transferred to the Form of Tender in the format shown in the Tender document.

How Valsen Can Help

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