Business Process Solutions

Successful businesses respond to increased pressures from competition and the greater emphasis on corporate governance by making their processes more efficient and more flexible. Valsen Consulting offers businesses tailored solutions to analyse, document and optimise these processes, and uses benchmarking and best-practice information to design processes matched to the company and its industry. Valsen Consulting’s experts stay on as advisers until the processes are fully implemented on-site.

Process effectiveness and efficiency

Increasing cost pressures, takeovers, amalgamations, new competitors, the proliferation of regulations and rising expectations of yield – companies are currently faced with ever more stringent requirements. These changes have implications for the organisation of a company, as well as the processes and systems that are used. Valsen Consulting can help companies to optimise their processes. The massive pressure of change that results from globalisation and regulation represents a burden for all companies and organisations. The speed of change is increasing all the time.

Valsen Consulting can help companies to reduce costs and boost the efficiency of their business processes, without in any way neglecting corporate governance or compliance and security issues.

We offer the following services:

  • Systems and process audits
  • Process Assurance and Process Mapping
  • Business Process Controls Assurance & Improvements


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