Seychelles Non – Domestic Insurance

A Seychelles offshore insurance company/ non-domestic insurance company offers businesses and professionals an excellent way to turn a major money drain – insurance – into an income earning asset. It also provides an excellent opportunity for asset managers to provide various innovative investment products.

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Mauritius Captive Insurance

The Financial Services Development Act 2001 brought the insurance sector under the new Financial Services Commission. Applications for captive status in Mauritius are normally made through a Management Company (such as Belvedere Management Limited), which effectively has delegated…..

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Belize Insurance Company

The Belize International Insurance Act 2000 provides for incorporation and management in Belize of International Insurance Companies, in a tax-free environment. By virtue of Article 33 of the Belize International Insurance Act 2000, an offshore insurance company registered in Belize is for all intents and purposes tax-free.

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