Dubai Offshore Company, most commonly termed as International Business Company or a Non-Resident Company, is a legal structure which provides for a low/No-tax environment for an entity or an individual which in turn minimizes tax burdens and improves wealth management. UAE Offshore companies are becoming popular tools for international entrepreneurs looking to set up business in the UAE.

Key Features

Dubai IBC

Corporate Details


·         Type of company

Private (IBC*)

·         Taxes

No taxes

·         Meeting requirement and location

No, Anywhere

·         Registered office and Agent


·         Time frame for the company registration

7 days (+ delivery)

·         Double taxation treaty access


·         Company seal


Shareholders and Directors

·         Number

One(1) min.

·         Local representative


·         Nominee services


·         Disclosure of the beneficial owners  to the Registrar


·         Disclosure of the beneficial owners  to the Registered Agent


Shares and initial capital

·         Classes of Shares

Registered Shares

·         Annual Reporting



  1. Dubai business setup, UAE is a tax free country.
  2. Dubai offshore company setup offers100% ownership
  • Physical office not required for offshore company incorporation in Dubai
  1. UAE residents can incorporate offshore company in Dubai
  2. UAE offshore company directors and shareholders records are not public
  3. No filing of audited financial statements for UAE offshore companies
  • No agreements with other countries for taxation related information exchange
  • UAE offshore company formation and bank account can be completed remotely without visiting UAE but you need visit Dubai for offshore bank account opening in UAE
  1. Offshore company registration in UAE can own real property and yachts in UAE
  2. UAE offshore Company incorporation is supported with strict UAE offshore legislation which protects the confidentiality of UAE off shore investors.

Cost effective and cheap off shore company in Dub


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