An application by the owner of aircraft or by a person authorized by the owner for the registration of aircraft, for the amendment of entries in the register of for the deletion of aircraft from the register together with the required documents shall be submitted to the Technical Department of Estonian Civil Aviation Administration (ECAA). An application on the ECAA form (VA 526-1-1). The application must be signed by owner of the aircraft or a person authorized by the owner.

Estonia Aircraft Registration Key Features

  • The owner or operator of the aircraft shall be an Estonian citizen, a person holding a long-term residence permit or the right of permanent residence in Estonia, a legal person registered in Estonia, a local authority or the Estonian state;
  • The aircraft has a permit to fly, a certificate of airworthiness issued in Estonia or a certificate of airworthiness issued by the competent authority of another state and recognized in Estonia;
  • An aircraft that does not have a valid certificate of airworthiness or a permit to fly shall be entered in the aircraft register temporarily for up to three months;
  • Aircraft that has been entered in the register of another state shall not be entered in the Estonian aircraft register.

Estonia Aircraft Registration Processing of the application

The application shall be registered and all the attached documents shall be reviewed within 30 working days from the submission of all the required documents. Technical Department of ECAA together with the Legal Department assess the application and the attached documents and check their compliance with the applicable requirements. Applicant shall be contacted in case of any missing or insufficient information or document.

Certificate of registration of aircraft or temporary certificate of registration of aircraft shall be issued to the applicant against signature or sent by mail when required.

Certificate of deletion of an aircraft from the register shall be issued to the owner or shall be sent to the civil aviation authority of the intended State of Registration.


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