The Flight Standards and Airworthiness Division of the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) is responsible for regulating the operational safety and airworthiness of aircraft registered in Hong Kong, and other matters related to flight safety. If you are a qualified person under Article 4 of the Air Navigation (Hong Kong) Order 1995, you may register an aircraft in Hong Kong. In order for an aircraft registered and used in Hong Kong, an aircraft owner should apply at least 3 certificates from CAD (Registration Certificate, Certificate of Airworthiness & Noise Certificate) and Aircraft Station Certificate of the Office of the Communications Authority.

Hong Kong Aircraft Registration Key Features and Requirements

  1. Registration Certificate issued by CAD

Application for the registration of an aircraft in Hong Kong shall be made in writing to the Director-General, CAD as a qualified person with the necessary documents and fee. If you are a non-Hong Kong resident aircraft owner, it is suggested to apply under “charterer by demise” by setting up a Hong Kong company to proceed with registration. The following documents should be submitted to the Director-General:

Information on the aircraft. Type, name & address of manufacturer, the aircraft serial number, has the aircraft previously registered outside Hong Kong, status of applicant (“owner” or “charterer by demise”), confirmation of non-registration from the exporting country which should be provided by the applicant at the time the registration should be provided,

Applicant Information. For application by natural person, a copy of his/her identification document (applicable to Hong Kong resident). For application by body corporate, CAD will assess its compliance on Incorporation and Principal Place of Business (PPB). Acceptable documentary proof of the above includes but not limited to:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation, or equivalent;
  2. Business Registration Certificate, or equivalent;
  3. Relevant sections in Articles of Association; and
  4. Annual Return to the Companies Registry.
  5. Application shall include or be accompanied by the particulars and evidence relating to the aircraft, the ownership and chartering thereof as the Director-General may require determining whether the aircraft may properly be registered in Hong Kong.
  1. Certificate of Airworthiness issued by CAD.

Any natural or legal person under whose name an aircraft is registered or will be registered in Hong Kong, or its representative, shall be eligible as an applicant for a certificate of airworthiness for that aircraft under article 4 of the Air Navigation (Hong Kong) Order 1995. Application of Certificate of Airworthiness shall be made in a form and manner established by the Director-General, CAD and full recommendation has to be made by an approved organization under CAD. Each application for a certificate of airworthiness shall include: 1. the category of certificate of airworthiness applied for. 2. with regard to new aircraft:

  1. A statement signed by the competent authority of the state of manufacture issued no more than 60 days that the aircraft conforms to a design approved by the Director-General before presentation of the aircraft to the Director-General.
  2. A weight and balance report with a loading schedule.
  3. The flight manual, when required by the applicable airworthiness code for the particular aircraft.

With regard to used aircraft:

  • Originating from Hong Kong, a certificate of airworthiness issued by the Director-General.
  • Originating from outside Hong Kong:
  1. Statement by the competent authority of the State issued no more than 60 days where the aircraft is registered, reflecting the airworthiness status of the aircraft on its register at time of transfer.
  2. A weight and balance report with a loading schedule.
  3. The flight manual when such material is required by the applicable airworthiness code for the aircraft.
  4. Historical records to establish the production, modification, and maintenance standard of the aircraft, including all limitations associated with the certificate of airworthiness.
  • Noise Certificate issued by CAD
  • Aircraft Station Certificate issued by Office of the Communications Authority

Why Us (Strengths)

  1. We review and assess applicant’s existing documents if he is a qualified person.
  2. We advise strategies to enhance successful licensing at different authorities.
  3. We form a Hong Kong company as the Charter of Demise We facilitate the licensing process.
  4. We compile the fundamental information for CAD’s Registration Certificate.
  5. We recommend and help you to engage the approved organization under CAD for processing Certificate of Airworthiness and Noise Certificate


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