During the Initial Coin Offering, the guarantee of the safe and secure sale of the token is critical in ensuring that the investors and other enthusiasts’ fund’s safety are guaranteed. With the ICO trade being based on the ICO platform, the need to ensure that the platform is not only functional but also secure is crucial in guaranteeing trust in the ICO.  The smart contract is the basis of the legality of ICO transactions. The smart contract is created through a coded format. Hence making the codes to be fundamental for security purposes.

To guarantee the success of the ICO, it is essential for the ICO platform together with the smart contract to be audited to guarantee the safety and security sale. The key aspect that is audited includes; the open source code of the platform, the platform’s simplicity, vulnerabilities of the system against guards, the comprehensiveness of the code coverage and the adherence to the best practices.

The ICO code security audit has to cover performance of a mix of human and automated checks. Human checks cover key aspects such as usage and ability to conduct tasks which must be easy to ensure that the coding cannot be compromised by exploring the platform. The automated checks are crucial in the auditing process as it enhances the testing and identification of vulnerabilities that stand to compromise the code security.

Programming in solidity is also at the core of ICO code security audit as it ensures that every line of the design decision together with line code. This ICO code security auditing is key to guaranteeing the validity of the ICO process.


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