Valsen Fiduciaries provides the relationship management necessary to ensure ICO success.  We offer the framework, business processes, and oversight for establishing healthy best practices operating models. The world and governments in particular are still playing catch up when it comes to understanding ICOs. Each country is approaching how to regulate ICOs differently. While some are taking a liberal approach to them, others are starting to curtail ICOs or banned them entirely. We know and understand the current ICO regulatory landscape, and are prepared for when it inevitably starts to shift. Where you and how you launch your ICO is key. We can help you get there.

Factors that Affect Investor Relationship Management

  1. Jurisdiction Analysis and Legal Framework

Every country has different ICO regulations. Due to the ever changing landscape, we analyze the ICO regulations in the jurisdictions on a case by case basis and discuss any developments with our network to ensure future risk is also mitigated.

  1. White Paper Creation

Your White Paper is your best marketing tool. Most contributors will pursue your ICO based on the clarity and excellence of this document. Our staff can produce a clear and concise White Paper that contains all the important technical and legal information. We also offer full translation services into all languages in order help you reach your target audience.

  1. Token Agreement, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use

The fine print of a token agreement, privacy policy and terms of use is there to protect both you and your contributors. Our Valsen Fiduciaries legal team creates iron-clad and clear documentation that will carry your ICO through any legal complexities.

  1. Fund Liquidation and Distribution

The liquidation and distribution processes can be very complex and require extensive documentation in order to retain customer trust.


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