The Initial Coin Offering is a wholesome operation that begins from coin offering annunciation and ends at the distribution of coins to the investor.

The ICO operation’s main goal is to raise funds for a venture. The venture has to have the most appropriate, secure and customer-friendly platform.

The ICO begins with the coin offering details announcement. This encompasses offering details on why a venture has resorted to floating an ICO for funds.

The details include about the venture, the ventures name, the number of tokens on the offer, the amount retained by the venture and the timeframe for the ICO offer. Though this strategy is utilized by most ventures, some go straight for public crowd sale.

At Valsen Fiduciaries, we help our clients know their customers in readiness for public sale, which is a key stage that comprises the registration of investors.

As ICO is wholesomely virtual, we assist the client with the registration process involving the selection of the eligible investors who are allowed to purchase tokens in the public crowd sales. The eligible investors are required to give their contribution wallet address. The investors have to convert their currency into crypto before purchasing the token through the smart contract.

Further, we help ensure that public sales are made within a specified timeframe to enable eligible investors to make token purchases within this timeframe.

These tokens are distributed to investors’ wallet after purchase then listed for exchanges. This allows the tokens to be exposed to more investors which influences the fluctuation of their prices.


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