ICO Program Management

The main goal of an ICO project is to launch a fundraising mechanism. The tokens created during an ICO will fund your business or brand-new startup by investing money in digital assets in order to create an exchange of profit or buy cryptocurrency. If you define all key objectives of the project clearly to the community, you can be confident of the success of your ICO campaign.

The general plan for launching an ICO includes: generating an idea for your project, working out a good white paper, building a roadmap, starting a marketing campaign, developing a smart contract, testing, and launching a crowdsale. People amazed by the project idea become investors, buy tokens, and use the product. Tokens raised during the crowdsale will be used for product development, while investors will trade or exchange tokens when the price goes up.

The first thing to decide before investing money is to analyze the ICO project with regard to all aspects: clearly-defined company strategy, team experience, and timeliness of release of technical information. One of the main elements of launching a crowdsale is developing your ICO cabinet with contribution flow and a widget. Make it user-friendly and convenient for investors to use.

Valsen Fiduciaries’ provides it clients with ICO Program Management with full-cycle technical support. Our team provides help in developing smart contracts for your ICO project, technical advisory and full-cycle audits, marketing strategies and campaigns.


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