The basis of PR includes using intermediaries to communicate with your audience and influence them. Those intermediaries may be industry spokespersons, stock analysts, investors, trend setters, industry analysts, customers, employees, and even the electronic and print media

Advantages of Digital Marketing

  • Influence
  • Reach
  • Cost-effectiveness

ICO Public Relations

  1. List your objectives.

The ICO Company should prioritize its goals which it wants to achieve through the publicity plan. Being specific and setting deadlines always translates into increased sales and creates a high profile for the ICO Company within the community.

  1. Identify your target customers.

ICO target customers prove to be the main source of funds into the company. They also have a great impact in structuring of the ICO business model

  1. Develop story angles.

The media that has been approached brings out the quality of the ICO. Careful and professionalism should be used in determining the publicity channel to the public.

  1. Make the pitch.

ICO pitch letter should be interesting to enable attraction and a catchy eye from the public. Also structure of the pitch should relate directly to the target of customers.

  1. Follow up.

Following up is the key to securing coverage. Wait four to six days after you’ve sent the information, then follow up your pitch letter with a telephone call. Any additional information from the media should be sent immediately


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