Our extensive network of investors and Crypto Funds allows us to provide instant access for those ICOs that meet our ICO Assessment Criteria that provides our investors with exclusive screening and filtering process that rapidly identifies the ICOs that meet these stringent requirements saving investor time as part of our ICO Investor Management and Relations services.

Ways of ICO Screening

  1. Configure risk-based screening profiles

It is tailored to the risk profile of the customer or transaction risk to avoid ‘over-screening’, reducing unnecessary hits

  1. Utilize smarter name-matching algorithms

Developed by our data scientists to help you spot risks, e.g. transliteration, synonyms, aliases, misspellings.

  1. Automation

Allows screening with ultra-high availability and rapid response times to meet all timing requirements. Designed to provide all the functionality you need to integrate data and services into your anti-money laundering processes. Valsen Fiduciaries uses it because:

  • It is fast and easy to integrate
  • Allows for 2-way communication
  • Highly Secure
  • Whitelisting of clients
  • Flexible workflow solutions
  1. Test and model prior to production,

It is universal since all payment formats are supported.


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