The ICO has become a critical avenue for startups to raise capital as an alternative approach to the traditional one. By the tendency of the ICO taking place before the project being executed, it is highly easily to be manipulated.

Together with the high volatility of the tokens, once the coin is offered in the market has ICO supply to not only attract investors and manipulators in an equal measure as they are willing to risk for future massive payouts.

The supply of the tokens offered in ICO is controlled by smart contracts and the blockchain technology that is the basis of the ICO platform transactions.

Thus, an investor has first to acquire an ICO platform which is integral in the supply chain of the tokens.

Through the platform, the tokens can be transferred to a third party via sharing, trading or transferring.

The sharing of the token comprises of the primary user transferring some of their tokens to a third party. Trading involves the investor or crypto enthusiast selling and buying tokens to and from other investors and enthusiasts.

The ability to share, transfer and trade in the tokens is the basis of supply of the tokens after the Initial Coin Offer.

This ensures that the ICO is not only beneficial to the business but also to the investors who can easily cash on it.


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