Jersey Aircraft Registry launched in November 2015. A new proposition for the registration of high-value private and corporate aircraft, the Registry places an emphasis on safety and professional expertise, with the assurance of an exceptional client service.

Known internationally as a leading financial services center, the Island of Jersey has earned a reputation as a well-regulated and stable offshore jurisdiction.

With its neutral fiscal regime, reliable infrastructure and highly respected level of financial, legal and fiduciary expertise, Jersey is ideally placed to provide a comprehensive and transparent aircraft registry.

Jersey Aircraft Registry offers:

  • Registration of private and corporate aircraft
  • Uniquely, registration of commercial aircraft engine mortgages
  • An online registration system, available 24-hours a day (due to be launched in 2016)
  • A safe and comprehensive regulatory framework
  • Neutral nationality registration prefix ‘ZJ-‘ followed by three characters of choice
  • A competitive Scheme of Charges
  • An impressive registration turnaround
  • A professional approach

Why choose Jersey?

  • An autonomous Crown Dependency that enjoys a secure, special relationship with the UK, but is not part of the UK or the EU
  • A well-established, diverse and highly respected financial services center
  • Geographically well-placed to serve clients based in the UK, Europe, Africa, the Gulf States and the Far East
  • A stable political system and economy, with a government that supports international business
  • A robust and independent judicial system, based on modern commercial law principles
  • A simple and neutral fiscal system that provides an ideal platform to support financial services
  • A proportionate, risk-based regulatory environment that is aligned to international standards


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