In 1948, the Republic of Liberia adopted maritime and associations laws to serve the needs of world commerce.

Liberia was one of the first offshore, zero tax jurisdictions.

Its excellent safety record and low loss ratio are attributed to its mandatory safety inspection program for vessel hull, machinery, safety and communications equipment, crew training and qualifications. Liberia has been an active member in the International Maritime Organization (IMO) since 1959 and has worked to transform IMO policy into effective action.

For more than 50 years, Liberia has operated a premier ship registry with one of the largest fleets of merchant ships in the world. About 1900 ships fly Liberian Flag. Vessel types include tankers, bulk cargo, general cargo, containers, reefers, offshore drilling units, barges, passenger vessels, fishing vessels, yachts and other small crafts.

Key Features of Liberia Ship Registration

  • A vessel must be owned by a Liberian Citizen, Liberian National or by a Foreign Maritime Entity or foreign individual.
  • Classification of vessels by recognized classification is required for vessels of 24 meters or more in length and if such is not classed, a Certificate of Survey issued by a recognized Classification Society surveyor or a Statement of Compliance or similar document from an underwriter retained by an owner shall suffice. For vessels of less than 24 meters in length, a survey must be carried out by an authorized surveyor, a recognized naval architect or yacht association or boatyard, or an underwriter’s assessor from whom a Statement of Compliance or similar can be obtained.
  • Advise Power of Attorney or Corporate Resolution, authorizing person(s) executing the above document to register the vessel.
  • Show proof of ownership:
  • For existing vessel an owner must submit a Bill of Sale (3) copies and for a new vessels, master carpenter certificate transferring title to applicant;
  • When an owner owns the vessels under a foreign flag and is transferring it Liberian Pleasure & Small Watercraft Registry without the change of ownership, a proof of ownership must be submitted.
  • Provide proof from current registry:
  • The state of Registry from which the vessel is being transferred is to issue a document approving the transfer of vessel to the Liberian Flag in the ownership of the ship owner. If the actual proof of the vessel’s cancellation from her present registry is submitted, then proof of consent is not required.
  • Free Recorded liens: Proof that the vessel is free of recorded liens is required in the form an official statement issued by the government from which the vessel is being transferred. Said statement could be included in the consent to transfer or the cancellation certificate from exiting registry.
  • Permanent Certificate of registry is issued upon receipt of a request and appropriate documents from an owner after a provisional certificate has expired. It is valid indefinitely.
  • Initial Registration cost is US$ 360.

Advantage of Registering In Liberia

  • All services under one roof: vessel & corporation registration, mortgage recordation, technical assistance, licensing of marine personnel, radio authority etc.
  • fast registration process
  • low fees
  • International lending institutions and ship builders have confidence in the Liberian Registry 

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