Asset management companies in Liechtenstein are governed solely by the legal provisions and the orders of the Financial Market Authority (FMA) Liechtenstein, which is the supervisory authority.

Key Features

Under the Asset Management Act (AMA), the FMA authorizes asset management companies. The FMA has the statutory power to grant, amend or revoke licences. Asset management companies under the AMA are investment firms entitled to provide the following services for individual clients as well as collective investment schemes:

  1. portfolio management
  2. investment advice
  3. reception and transmission of orders
  4. execution of orders on behalf of the client
  5. financial analysis for securities

Legal Requirements




  • Corporate  vehicle permitted

Company, Limited partnership

  • Local physical office required


Share capital or equivalent

  • Minimum paid up capital

CHF 100,000

CHF 150,000 (if also providing reinsurance)


  • Minimum number

2 (minimum two managing directors)

  • Corporate directorship allowed


  • Local director required



  • Minimum number


  • Corporate shareholders allowed


  • Local  shareholders required


Service Providers Required

  • Company Secretary


  • Auditor


Tax Treatment

  • Resident legal entities, which are legal entities established in Liechtenstein or whose place of effective management is in Liechtenstein, are generally subject to tax on their worldwide income.
  • Non-resident legal entities are generally subject to tax on their Liechtenstein source income.
  • The standard corporate income tax rate is 12.5%. A minimum tax of CHF 1,200 generally applies.

Duration to Set Up

About 3 months

Distinctive Benefits of Licence

  • Ease and speed of establishment
  • Friendly regulatory environment

The Valsen Advantage

  • End to end comprehensive service
  • Speedy and efficient service
  • Expert advice on structuring options
  • Dedicated ongoing compliance support
  • Extensive network pool of service providers