Mauritius International Trust

Mauritius has become a jurisdiction of choice for the creation and administration of trusts under the law of Mauritius. Different types of trusts can be set up in Mauritius by non-residents. These can be trust with fixed interest in possession, discretionary trust, purpose trust, including charitable trust, asset protection trust and trust for the benefit of employees, among others.

A Trust is a legal arrangement where one person (the Settlor) transfers his assets and wealth into a fund (the Trust Fund) and gives the management to another body (the Trustee) to be held on trust for the benefit of named beneficiaries which can include the Settlor. Mauritius Trusts are governed by The Trusts Act 2001. The said Act imposes a strict duty of confidentiality on trustees and except where ordered by the Court or Judge in Chambers, a trustee shall keep as confidential and shall not disclose information or documents to any person not legally entitled to it.

Key Features

Mauritius International Trust

Corporate Details


  • Type of entity

International Trust

  • Type of law

Follow English law/As per Trust Deed

  • Legal Framework

Mauritius Trusts Act 2000

  • Our time to establish a Trust

2 weeks

  • Taxation of trust assets


  • Double Taxation Treaty access


  • Change of Domicile permitted


  • Duration

99  years (except: charitable international trust or a purpose international trust-25)

  • Restriction on Investment of Trust asset


  • Succession

As per Trust Deed


  • Requirements

Anyone with Legal Capacity

  • Qualifications

A trustee, a beneficiary or a protector of the trust.


  • Requirements

Anyone identifiable by name or ascertainable by reference to a class of persons or by relationship to another person.

  • Qualifications

A trustee, a beneficiary or a protector of the trust.

  • Property

Should not include immovable property situated in Belize

  • Jurisdiction

Mauritius Supreme Court

  • Forced heirship applicable

Provisions only relate to trusts settled by Mauritius subjects or relating to property situated in Mauritius and subject to Mauritius national laws.

Trust asset

  • Restriction on type/amount

In the absence of intent to defraud, a trust shall not be void or voidable as a consequence of a subsequent bankruptcy of the settlor nor in consequence of any action taken against the settlor by his creditors.


  • Minimum number


  • Qualification

No domestic trustee is required


  • Requirement to file


  • Publicly accessible



  1. Safeguard assets against bankruptcy if timed carefully
  2. Achieve an orderly distribution of the settlor’s assets after his death, including the holding of assets for minors until they reach majority
  3. Rearrange beneficial ownership of assets
  4. Avoid inheritance laws in the country of residence
  5. Accumulate income and protect assets
  6. Manage pension funds and investments generally
  7. Provide for charitable giving.

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