The International Business Company (IBC) in Montserrat can be formed quickly and easily, within five business days. The Ordinance does not require the filing of corporate returns so that there is no information on public record save the IBC’s name, date of incorporation and the name of the subscriber (our local person) to the Memorandum and Articles. Montserrat formations require a minimum authorized capital of US$10,000.00.

Montserrat IBC Key Features

  1. Under the IBC Act, an Montserrat international business company is a an offshore entity that undertakes all of its business activities outside Montserrat
  2. The directors of an IBC do not have to be resident in Montserrat
  3. By law, there must be a minimum of one Director and one Shareholder
  4. The documents of an Montserrat international business company filed at Registrar’s office are not disclosed to the public
  5. The IBC Act stipulates that IBCs incorporated in Montserrat must have a registered office and a registered agent
  6. An IBC may do its accounting in a foreign currency depending on the countries in which business is conducted
  7. Montserratian IBCs may issue shares at no-par value
  8. The members of an IBC are required to keep meetings from time to time
  9. There is no obligation placed on an IBC to file audited accounts

Montserrat IBC Legal Requirements

Montserrat IBC

Corporate Details


  • Type of Entity


  • Registered Office in Montserrat


Share capital or equivalent

  • Standard currency


  • Permitted currencies


  • Minimum paid up



  • Minimum number


  • Corporate directorship allowed



  • Minimum number


  • Corporate shareholder allowed



  • Requirements to prepare


  • Audit requirements


  • Requirements to file accounts


Montserrat IBC Tax Treatment

Montserrat IBC are exempted from specified taxes in Montserrat

Montserrat IBC Duration for Set up

Around 5 Days

Montserrat IBC Distinctive Benefits

  • Political and economic stability
  • No capital gains tax
  • No withholding tax
  • No corporate tax
  • No transfer tax or stamp duties
  • No foreign exchange controls

The Valsen Advantage

  1. End to end comprehensive service
  2. Speedy and efficient service
  3. Expert advice on structuring options
  4. Dedicated ongoing compliance support
  5. Extensive network pool of service providers


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