It can be a complex and tiring experience obtaining a New Zealand broker license from the relevant regulatory authority.  As a basic principle it is important to understand the rules and regulations which will affect your New Zealand broker firm in terms of activity and internal operations. It is therefore highly advisable to acquire the help and guidance from a professional consultancy that are qualified and experienced in all areas of New Zealand broker licenses and relevant legislation. A professional consultancy can help you administer the relevant documentation and application form to the regulatory body.

New Zealand Broker Firms

The New Zealand Securities Commission was the regulatory body responsible for accepting forex broker license applications and issuing them on approval of the application. New Zealand has adopted stringent legislation regarding the operations of all companies dealing with securities trading. This means that it is essential to obtain the relevant New Zealand broker license prior to engaging in forex activity. The New Zealand Securities Commission was first established un the Securities Act 1978 which stipulated the scope of authority for the Commission including its powers and general functions.

In May 2011 the Financial Markets Authority (New Zealand) replaced the Securities Commission. The Financial Markets Authority is a newly formed integrated financial regulator for the development and progression of the financial services industry in New Zealand.

The new integrated regulatory body is the relevant authority in which to submit all applications forNew Zealandbroker licenses and it is a necessary step to acquire a forex license for all force broker firms.

Obtaining a New Zealand Broker License

When applying for a New Zealand broker license it is essential that you not only have a fully formed company in New Zealand for the purpose of forex activity, but you must also pass the fit and proper test in association with obtaining a New Zeal and broker license. Certain documents are required for the application of a New Zealand broker license, including; company Memorandum and Articles of Association, business plan, documentation for internal and external operations of the company

We work with specialist consultants are highly experienced in all apects related to obtaining a New Zealand broker license, from the filing the initial application form, to ensuring the broker firm is compliant with relevant laws. Valsen will ensure your New Zealand broker license is acquired in a timely and professional manner and in accordance with the rules set out by the Financial Markets Authority.


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