Valsen Fiduciaries has over the years been a leading partner for those who want to register a limited liability company in Poland also known as the Poland Limited Liability Company (spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością, abbreviation sp. z o.o.) In Poland, it is possible to register a limited liability company with i) a single shareholder, making a minimum contribution of €1,200 (PLN5,000) to a local capital account before registration of the company with the Polish Companies Registrar and ii) one director, who can be a foreigner and does not need to reside in Poland;

Poland Limited Liability Company Key features

  1. Polish limited liability companies are required to submit financial statements every year to the tax authority.
  2. In Poland, it is possible to register a limited liability company with
  1. A single shareholder, making a minimum contribution of €1,200 (PLN5,000) to a local capital account before registration of the company with the Polish Companies Registrar and
  2. One director, who can be a foreigner and does not need to reside in Poland;
  1. An audit is however required only if the business meets at least two of the three following criteria:
  1. Assets exceeding €5 million
  2. Annual turnover exceeding 2.5 million and
  3. Over 50 employees;

Poland Limited Liability Company Legal Requirement

Poland Limited Liability Company

Corporate Details


  • Type of Entity


  • Registered Office in Poland


  • Shelf company availability


Share capital or equivalent

  • Standard currency


  • Permitted currencies


  • Minimum Paid up capital


Managers / Directors

  • Minimum number


  • Local required


Members / Shareholders

  • Minimum number


  • Location of meetings

Anywhere, not required


  • Requirements to prepare


  • Audit requirements


  • Requirements to file accounts


  • Publicly accessible accounts


  • Requirement to file annual return



Poland Limited Liability Company Tax Treatment

Corporate tax on local Income 19%

Poland Limited Liability Company Advantages

  1. The most suitable format for small and medium sized companies
  2. Minimum share capital is 5000 PLN (around €1200), to be fully paid up
  3. LLC is a legal entity
  4. May be established for any purpose allowed by law (including conducting a business) unless other is provided by acts
  5. Minimum number of directors is one
  6. No restrictions on foreign shareholders
  7. Books of accounts to be prepared in PL language and according to Polish law, has to prepare monthly VAT returns, payroll documentation, annual financial statement and annual CIT declarations

The Valsen Advantage

  1. End to end comprehensive service
  2. Speedy and efficient service
  3. Expert advice on structuring options
  4. Dedicated ongoing compliance support
  5. Extensive network pool of service providers


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