A private foundation is a legal entity regulated by law. They are particularly suitable for estate planning, as a holding entity, an investment vehicle, or for asset protection. The private foundation provides an alternative to non-legal entities such as a trust. A private foundation is not considered to carry on a business. The purpose clause of the private foundation may be drafted to meet the founder’s specific needs, as long as no business activities are undertaken.

Sint Maarten Private Foundation Key Features

  1. The SPF is exempted from profit tax. One condition for this exemption is that the SPF does not operate an enterprise.
  2. The object of the PF may include a number of activities, and is therefore not limited to a charitable purpose.
  3. The PF possesses corporate personality but does not have a share capital.
  4. The transfer of capital into an SPF by a resident of St. Maarten is subject to 25% gift tax.

Sint Maarten Private Foundation Legal Requirements

Sint Maarten Private Foundation

Corporate Details


  • Registered Agent and Office


  • Type of Entity
  • Duration

To perpetuity

  • Minimum Capitalization


  • Beneficial Owner



  • Minimum No Founders


  • Nominee


  • Qualification 1

Beneficiary but not a sole Beneficiary

Foundation Council

  • Minimum No of Councillors


  • Qualifications 1

Founder may be a Councillor but not the sole Councillor


  • Local Requirements



  • Requirements to Prepare


  • Requirements to file accounts


  • Publicly accessible accounts


Sint Maarten Private Foundation Tax Treatment

The SPF is exempted from profit tax

Sint Maarten Private Foundation Duration for Set up

Around 3-4 Weeks

Sint Maarten Private Foundation Distinctive Benefits

  1. The SPF is exempted from profit tax
  2. The PF possesses corporate personality but does not have a share capital.

 The Valsen Advantage

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