Switzerland Aircraft Registration

The HB aircraft register is used for reserving aircraft registration numbers, for registering aircraft, suspending, reinstating or deleting aircraft registrations, and modifying aircraft operator/owner details. This quick guide describes the most important procedures.

Key Features and Registration Process

  1. The first step in the registration procedure is to reserve a registration number. For this purpose, please complete the corresponding reservation form, entering as much information as possible – e.g. especially concerning time between overhaul (TBO).
  2. After the details you have provided have been verified, your aircraft will be assigned a registration number.
  3. You will then receive an invoice for the reservation of the aircraft number, together with an administrative and technical checklist citing the documentation that is required for registration. For the operation of your aircraft, you will also need to submit various other technical forms, as well as OPS forms if the aircraft is to be operated commercially.
  4. The registration procedure will be initiated as soon as all the required documentation has been submitted


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