Vanuatu is a member of the United Nations and the British Commonwealth and also has privileged economic and commercial relationships with the French, African, Caribbean and Pacific nations. Yachts flying the Vanuatu flag receive a friendly reception around the globe.

Vanuatu not only has an offshore Pleasure Yacht Registry, but an International open registry for commercial vessels and a unique Historic Registry for vessels with historical or cultural significance.

Pleasure yachts registered under the flag of Vanuatu are subject to the maritime laws of the Republic of Vanuatu.

Along with competitive low rates, Vanuatu has a network of Deputy Commissioners and Special Agents in most major ports around the world, chosen for their experience in shipping and maritime law and are there to help you should the need arise.

The registration of your motor boat or yacht can be under the name of a Vanuatu International Business Company (IBC). This alone presents tremendous advantages.

Required from you:

  1. Application for Registration of Pleasure Yacht.
  2. Declaration of Pleasure Yacht Owner.
  3. Notarized proof of vessel ownership.
  4. Certified copy of any foreign marine document or registration of vessel
  5. Proof that vessel is seaworthy. This may include survey documents of inspection reports not greater than three months from date of receipt of application.
  6. Insurance, proof that registered owner has and continues to hold public liability, pollution clean-up, and wreck removal insurance coverage for amounts appropriate to size of vessel.
  7. Two 4 x 8 inch color photographs of the vessel. One taken from portside bow to stern and one taken from starboard side stern towards the bow.
  8. Current registrations fees plus incidentals

Advantages of Yacht Registration in Vanuatu

  • Favorable tax regimes and legal environment.
  • Lower VAT rates.
  • Low registration costs.
  • Flexible crew requirements.
  • Yacht protection and assistance from British Embassies and Consulates throughout the world.
  • Registration of a yacht can be done anonymously.
  • Limited personal liabilities and risks when a yacht is transferred to a registered offshore structure.

The Valsen Advantage

  1. Speedy, Efficient and consistent Services.
  2. Relentless effort to obtain bank accounts.
  3. Expert advice on structuring options.
  4. Dedicated ongoing compliance support.


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