Valsen Fiducairies has a long history of offering high quality corporate, legal, administrative, management, investment and financial services in several jurisdictions around the world. We have been able to stay relevant in this constantly evolving industry due to our own ability to adapt and evolve. Our staff is always encouraged to stay up to date with emerging technologies, and the blockchain revolution is no stranger to us.  

We have been closely monitoring the progress of blockchain technology over the years, and our staff are well educated in the matter. 

The Blockchain concept can still be considered relatively new, with a majority of people only knowing the term but not knowing exactly how Blockchain works. To tackle this, Valsen Fiduciaries offers a range of Blockchain training programs at all levels with the purpose of demystifying Blockchain and detailing its usefulness.

Our Blockchain Training Services include:

  1. Blockchain Beginner to Expert Training
  2. Blockchain Enterprise Education
  3. Blockchain Supply Chain Training
  4. Blockchain Deployment Techniques

For detailed information on our Blockchain Training Services offering, click on the links under Blockchain Training.


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