The Gibraltar Yacht Registry is an internationally recognized, high quality registry providing an efficient and cost-effective service, it is an ideal choice for yacht owners who want the confidence of belonging to a British Register and flying the Red Ensign.

Gibraltar’s key location at the entrance of the Mediterranean Sea and its quality Ship Register has made it an important commercial and maritime centre.

With Gibraltar being a common law jurisdiction as well, it is a very attractive jurisdiction for those considering the registration of their vessel. It has a separate register for commercial and pleasure vessels, however, there is no size limit for pleasure vessels.

Key Features 

  1. Gibraltar is bound by all international conventions and agreements in relation to shipping and safety which have been ratified by the United Kingdom thus giving vessels registered in Gibraltar the same status as that of any other British registry.
  2. Changes in Gibraltar legislation now permit a wider range of individuals or corporate bodies to be qualified persons eligible to own a registerable ship.
  3. The GSR currently offers three types of registration: full registration; bareboat registration; and registration under construction.
  4. Generally, the GSR only accepts ships that are under 20 years of age. However, ships over 20 years may also be registered subject to a pre-registration survey.
  5. Full Registrations are valid for five years, bareboat registrations for up to two years and are all renewable.
  6. One special feature of the Gibraltar Register is the strict security for mortgagees since no ship will be de-registered without the mortgage being discharged first or without the mortgagees’ consent.
  7. In order to register on Gibraltar’s ship registry, owners must British Citizens, British Dependent Territories citizens, British Overseas citizens or EU or EEA nationals or companies registered within the EU or EEA, and have a majority interest in the vessel’s ownership.

Gibraltar Ship Registration Distinctive Benefits

  • The yacht will fly the defaced British flag (Red Ensign) together with the international recognition, protection and prestige that comes with it.
  • The ability to seek assistance from any of the British embassies and consulates worldwide where the vessel may be situated.
  • Legal title of yacht ownership on registration or transfer of ownership is straightforward.
  • All vital details concerning the yacht is contained in the Register, and in the Certificate of British Registry (‘Blue Book’).
  • The Register is a public record, open to inspection by interested third parties, such as buyers, and/or potential lenders, offering security as to title.
  • The Register enables the owner to dispose of the yacht easily in a cost-effective and timely manner.
  • All legal mortgages are required to be registered, enabling interested parties to ascertain from this public record whether a yacht is free from encumbrances or registered liens.

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