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Archive for September 18th, 2017

Eurozone’s big four demand measures against tax avoidance

The four biggest economies in the Eurozone – Germany, France, Italy, and Spain — demand an end to the erosion of their tax base by means of incorporation in states that facilitate tax avoidance.   According to the Financial Times, Bruno Le Maire, Wolfgang Schaeuble, Pier-Carlo Padoan, and Luis de Guindos, want a shift from […]

Offshore Assets & Estate Planning What to Consider.

Due to the different laws applicable, estate planning across multiple jurisdictions is a complicated exercise and it is advisable to seek specialist advice for each country. If an individual has a separate will for offshore assets, it is important that one will does not accidentally override the other. In a bid to protect themselves against […]

Could Puerto Rico’s International Financial Entities Be the Next Hot Tax Haven?

Some 65,000 Puerto Ricans left their bankrupt U.S. island commonwealth last year. A group of private bankers are moving the other way. They’re increasingly opening offshore banks known as International Financial Entities, which were created by a Puerto Rican law in 2012. There are 44 IFEs now, with 18 opening in the past year, according […]