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Investors would rather register a company in Mauritius than South Africa

Despite a larger economy and a much bigger population, South Africa’s political uncertainty and failure to draw cost-sensitive investors has given way for the rise of Mauritius as the top investment destination in Africa to register a company.   Speaking to CNBC Africa, Bravura’s executive director, Soria Hay, said Mauritius is fast-gaining the reputation among […]

Offshore Assets & Estate Planning What to Consider.

Due to the different laws applicable, estate planning across multiple jurisdictions is a complicated exercise and it is advisable to seek specialist advice for each country. If an individual has a separate will for offshore assets, it is important that one will does not accidentally override the other. In a bid to protect themselves against […]

South Africa-Cameroon Double Tax Ageement In Force

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) announced on September 1st that the Double Tax Agreement (DTA) signed with Cameroon in February 2015 had entered into force.The agreement – the first of its kind between the two countries – allocates taxing rights and caps withholding tax rates for certain types of income.     It establishes […]