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Archive for September 26th, 2017

Estonian Presidency to Present the Boldest Plan to Date against Tax Avoidance

The EU 28 financial ministers are set to discuss taxation of multinational digital platforms in Tallin on September 15-16, Reuters reports. Companies such as Amazon and Google have designed tax plans that reduce their tax liability in countries they operate. The proposal put forward by the Estonian Presidency proposes to shift the tax burden from […]

Denmark plans to cut world’s highest taxes to ease worker shortage

Denmark thinks it has found a way to prevent a worker shortage from damaging its economy. The proposed solution for worker shortage? Tax cuts. The world’s most taxed country is planning on sweeping cuts to levies on cars and pensions that are designed to encourage people to work more. Denmark has the highest tax to […]

Australia Making Inroads on Tackling MNE Corporate Tax Avoidance

Kelly O’Dwyer, Australia’s Minister for Revenue and Financial Services, has stressed that the Government has taken and will continue to take steps to tackle corporate tax avoidance by large businesses. Speaking to Sunrise’s David Koch on August 23, 2017, the Minister said: “We absolutely believe very strongly that you cannot choose how much tax you […]

Anti-Tax Avoidance Measures Under Fire from Employers, Tax Advisors; Corporate Tax Systems

Changes to the corporate tax system may make the Netherlands a less attractive location for international business. The employers and Dutch Order of Tax Advisors say the government is choosing the wrong parts of a European directive to tackle tax avoidance to incorporate into domestic law. They made their comments in response to the online […]