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Archive for October 24th, 2018

SRI: The Emerging Focus for Long-term Investing in Malaysia

After reaching record highs in January of this year, the emerging markets in Southeast Asia have witnessed a tremendous sell off amid fears of a looming trade war and a rising US interest rate environment. These factors have forced markets in the region to become highly volatile. How can investors help stabilize their strategy in […]

Offshore Wealth Hubs – Asian Countries the World’s Future

Singapore and Hong Kong could ride a boom in offshore wealth management services to become the world’s largest wealth hubs during the coming years. Global asset managers are likely to channel greater resources to the region to achieve scale, while local managers are likely to draw on the scope of their domestic businesses to woo […]

Why the SEC has suspended trading in Crypto ETFs

On Sunday, Sept. 9, the Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC) temporarily suspended trading in the U.S. shares of two investment vehicles that track cryptocurrencies, due to concerns of “confusion amongst market participants,” according to an SEC statement. The two products affected by the halt are the Bitcoin Tracker One (CXBTF) and the Ether Tracker One (CETHF), […]

Global Financial Crisis – Where the Next One Might Come From

Ten years on from the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the deepening of the global financial crisis, the world seems to be a safer place. Over the past decade there have been significant shifts in the world economy to the extent that the imbalances that could lead to a global financial crisis are less. The […]

US-China Trade War – It’s Impact on China’s Economy

The US-China Trade War continues to shape the dynamic global trade market. The trade war with the U.S. couldn’t have come at a worse timing for China, which had just begun focusing in earnest on fixing problems with its economy. Many analysts have suggested that the impact of the Washington-Beijing trade skirmish will be relatively muted […]

Butterfly Effect in the Global Market Explained

The world has never been more interconnected than it is today. The theory of “the butterfly effect”, the idea that a relatively small event can reverberate across the world, has perhaps never been more valid given the speed at which ideas and news now flow across borders. Events in far-flung corners of the globe can […]

Investment Diversification – The Benefits

Investment Diversification can be described as when an investor chooses to invest in a number of asset classes. Investment Diversification enables an investor to spread or reduce risk in the long-term. By having this level of diversification within a portfolio, an investor can have ‘peace of mind.’ For example, if something is happening in one […]

Comfortable Retirement – How much You’ll Need

Research by Royal London finds that the average UK earner will need a pension pot of £260,000 to maintain their living standards. It’s called ‘the pension mountain’ – the size of funds required by savers to afford a comfortable retirement that keeps them in similar financial circumstances to their working life. The figure has leaped […]

Iran Sanctions – Europe, Russia and China Join Forces, Dodge

In the latest sign of the growing divide between Washington and its allies, the European Union’s foreign policy chief announced Monday that the bloc was creating a new payment mechanism called the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), to allow countries to transact with Iran while avoiding the Iran sanctions re-imposed by the U.S. The EU member states will […]

IMTI – What it is and How it is Calculated

IMTI, or in full, the International Money Transfer Index™ (IMTI™) provides a measure of the cost of international bank-to-bank money transfers from countries around the world such as Australia, Canada, the UK and US. The IMTI is of help to those who are looking to better understand the costs of transferring money internationally. It provides […]