The new corporate law, implemented in September 2012, regulates foreign participation in Andorran companies. Foreign nationals and companies can now open companies in Andorra with 100% foreign ownership in all business sectors; however the formation of a new Andorran company by non-residents must first be approved by the Ministry of the Economy.

In order for a company to be incorporated in Andorra, the company has to obtain a government permission granted by the Ministry of Economy. The company must furnish certain documents validated by an Andorran notary, including the Memorandum of Association and the list of founding shareholders. The Ministry of Economy will ensure that ownership of the company and the proposed objects of the company conform to Andorran laws, particularly with regard to foreign ownership. When permission to incorporate a company is given by the Ministry, a Public Deed is made by an Andorran notary. Then the company is entered to the Register of Commerce.

Andorra Holding Company Key Features

  1. A minimum of two shareholders are required. The shareholder can be a corporate body or a natural person of any nationality or residency. Details of shareholders are kept at the local registry. Bearer shares are not permitted.
  2. The minimum capital requirement is EUR 3000.
  3. A minimum of one director is required, who must be a natural person.
  4. Every company is required to have a registered office and address in Andorra

Andorra Holding Company Legal Requirements

Andorra Holding Company

Corporate Details


  • Registered Office in Andorra


  • Shelf company availability


Share capital or equivalent

  • Standard currency


  • Permitted currencies


  • Minimum paid up

EUR 3000

Directors | Officers | Partners

  • Minimum number


  • Location of meetings


  • Corporate directorship allowed


Company Secretary

  • Required



  • Requirements to prepare


  • Audit requirements


  • Requirements to file accounts


Andorra Holding Company Tax Treatment

Low corporate taxation of 10% on Income generated by the Company

Andorra Holding Company Duration for set up

1-3 Weeks.

Andorra Holding Company Distinctive Benefits

  1. Low corporate taxation between 10% depending on the activity
  2. Legal security with a tax model that is following OECD and BEPS requirements in terms of compliance, substance requirements and anti-money laundering standards
  3. Multiple DTA agreements (double tax agreements) in place or in planning with most European jurisdictions
  4. Special holding entities available for those with important international company participations in entities in Europe and other countries with low withholding taxes despite the absence of a DTA
  5. Non-EU member with an EU association agreement on the way.
  6. Special agreements with the Schengen area with visa benefits for non-EU member directors and shareholders

The Valsen Advantage

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  2. Speedy and efficient service
  3. Expert advice on structuring options
  4. Dedicated ongoing compliance support
  5. Extensive network pool of service providers


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