Valsen Fiduciaries delivers a truly professional service for individuals who wish to obtain Cyprus citizenship and permanent residence through investment. We provide specialised property investment assistance to help our clients secure their citizenships and always ensure that they are properly counselled and guided at all levels of their applications.  

With its experienced professionals and strong government ties, Valsen Fiduciaries offers one of the best immigration services in Europe. We always address each of our client’s particular needs while maintaining a high level of productivity and promptness.  

Our clients are required to meet all the criteria necessary for the citizenship application and remain compliant with all the applicable laws and regulations in Cyprus. Once we have all documentation in our possession, we will complete the procedure in 6 months, from the day the applicant obtained the immigration permit card.  

Businesses and individuals seeking to invest, move, become permanent residents of Cyprus, or acquire Cyprus citizenship and passport may turn to us for assistance. 


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